Silverstone Grand Prix

A weekend at the Silverstone Grand Prix (2022)


5/17/20234 min read

My weekend at the Silverstone Grand Prix 2022


After arriving at our campsite which was very well priced and spacious pitches for everyone we set off to experience a pit lane walk which allowed some amazing sights of the mechanics at work getting ready for the weekend, the cars and even some of the drivers themselves - Sebastain Vettel came out and spoke to some fans whilst Carlos Sainz made an appearance on his afternoon run. This was on a special very limited first come first serve offer that wa snotified to all who wree subscribed to emiails from Silverstone. The deal was to purchase a museum pass which incuded a free pit lane walk experince (£29 each which I think is a great deal!) - make sure to keep up to date with these emails and eyes peeled for any future deals!

After the pit lane walk my dad and I enjoyed the summer weather watching the first set of acts on the main stage with a burger, looking around at the merch stalls getting ready for the next day...


Grand stand seating was only allowed on the Friday for this year so a slightly early start allowed my dad and I to watch the morning activities, with a coffee and smoothie for breakfast we sat ourselves in one of the grandstands on the famous Hamilton Straight! We had excellent views and some nice shade from the heat.


A rainy but interesting qualifying day, but most importantly this was the day we took advantage of to scout out where we wanted to sit for the main event - Race Day.


Race Day! A very early morning but it was worth it. As early as we were, there were already large queues forming with some people having slept overnight to be first in line. There are fast pass tickets available for race day (we had them for every other day which was a huge help making entry easy if you can!) but even the fast pass ticket line had a large queue and didn't seem to give a huge advanatge at the time to me perosnally - however the early access would amke getting a good seat at some of the most popular areas easier.

6:30 am, our secret spot was completely free and only a few rows of people filled up behind us, make sure you grab your deckchairs, settle down with snacks, water and suncream and enjoy the red arrows and finally the main event...

We stayed at Dadford Road Campsite and it was lovely, I would recommend to anyone. Unless you have a desire to stay in the official silverstone campsite (which does have many perks!) the campsite we stayed at was great value for money and a resonable distance to walk to the circuit (but I do recommend to factor in that there is some walking time to do). There was plenty of space, accesible toilets and a resonably priced food van that offered breakfast and dinner. There was a wide range of pitches from pop-up tents, 10 man tents, to campervans to a converted double decker bus!

The main activity of the day was another addition to the main price of our ticket - Inner Track Friday access! This was a fanatstic experience to do, I highly recommend it. Seeing the track from another direction was amazing. All inner track grandstands were available for this ticket (except for the paddock area) - however this was technically a paddock grandstand, we had great views of the drivers exiting the pit lanes, and even got to experince the luxious paddock style portaloos...

Inbetween walking around the whole track (which is very large!) we broke the day up we headed to the Silverstone museum to make use of our museum pass we bought in the museuam and pit lane walk deal, stopping at a few food stalls on the way of course! - to save money I recommend bringing in snacks and packed lunches, a lot of people would go back to the campsites to make lunch aswell :)

We eventually found a very selcluded spot that was perfect for us to head over to on race day which seemed as though not many people were aware that it was even there!