Grand Cayman: Top Spots

Don't miss out on these experiences


5/17/20233 min read

The Cayman Islands are made of three islands: Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is the largest island out of the three, a very popular destination for its stunnung beaches, marine life and activities both in and out the ocean. This page will document some of the best activities I have experienced personally and a few added extra things to do at the end.

1. Seven Mile Beach

2. Stingray City

4. Tillie's Restaurant

5. Starfish Point

The seven mile beach is at the western end of Grand Cayman. A popular destination for snorkelling, water sports and of course sunbathing. Featuring many hotels, bars and restaurants be sure to visit this stunning beach in the day but also in the evening and relax as the sun sets

Stingray City is based at shallow sandbar banks a short boat ride away from Grand Cayman island where you can stand up and interact with the stingrays, including having the opportunity to feed them. Make sure to book a tour in advance as these are very popular! Many of these tours include stopping points where you can get off the boat to snorkell and experience Grand Cayman's fanatstic marine life. Some tours include breakfast/dinner with the sunset.

Tillie's is a lovely restaurant located on the seven mile beach. A great atmosphere at any time of day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner or simply drinks if that is what you fancy. I highly recommend the burger, lobster and bubbles night which is every thursday from 5pm. For 39kyd you get a prime steak burger, Caribbean grilled lobster, housemade caesar salad, cajun fries and your drink of choice, More information here

Starfish point is on the north side of Grand Cayman and is a shallow shoreline home to many starfish you can drive here or sometimes there are boat tours that will take you. Always make sure to respect the starfish and not to touch them or remove them from the water as this could be very harmful to them :)

6. George Town

George Town is the captital of the Cayman Islands, situated on the west side of Grand Cayman. The port of call for cruise ships has many trinket shops to buy souvenirs to remember your trip with.

Other activities:

  • Cayman Turtle Centre

  • Shipwreck dive/snorkel

  • West Bay

  • Little Cayman

  • Cayman Crystal Caves

  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

  • Rum Point

  • Hell