Disney World Animal kingdom: Six best activities

Disney World Orlando, Florida 2022


5/29/20234 min read

Animal Kingdom was one of my favourite Disney World Parks. As an animal lover there were so many amazing things and a great range of wildlife. With the main focus on Africa and Asia get ready for an amazing time and get emersed in these two continents. One of the things I love about Disney's Animal Kingdom is their conservation efforts and education.

1. Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro Safari was one of the standout moments. Being able to experience a safari like experience in an urbanised area making you feel as though you are really in an African savanna was very special.

The land space for the animals was very impressive and nice to see with an array of species from Hippopotamus, Lions, Giraffe, White Rhino, Elephants, Zebra, Crocodiles and many more. As its up to how the animals feel on the day with how active they are, each safari will always be different with new animal sightings possible each time!

2. Pandora The World of Avatar

Pandora The World of Avatar inspired by James Cameron’s movies of Avatar has two fantastic rides. A more thrilling simulator - Avatar Flight of Passage and much more relaxed boat journey style ride - Na’vi River Journey full of stunning visuals of glow in the dark creatures and plants, both are experiences not to miss!

Pandora is great in the day but even better in my opinion at night. Where the floor begins to glow in the dark and bioluminescent plants appear, if you can make sure you experience this area in the evening! My best advice is to either ride the Avatar Flight of Passage ride just before the queue shuts so as you exit the ride, darkness begins to fall and the World of Avatar begins to light up…

Any Avatar fan will love the Satu’li Canteen serving Na’vi style dishes and drinks, with a drink stand ‘Pongu Pongu’ situated nearby if you only fancy a quick refreshment serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

3. Conservation Station

This is all about wildlife conservation with behind the scenes observations such as the veterinary room. You might even be lucky to see a procedure happening on one of the animals! From an animal petting centre, amphibian, reptile and invertebrate enclosures, a nutrition and science centre you must make sure to visit this place for any keen conservation or animal lovers.

Take the wildlife express train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch to get to the conservation station. Even this train journey is adventurous as wildlife sightings such as White Rhinos are possible.

On sight there are also many butterflies you could see and for any budding artists this area provides animation drawing experiences, where you can learn to draw some of your favourite disney characters.

4. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Seeing these Gorillas was such a special experience watching them sunbathe, play with one another and eating… a lot! These magnificent animals are so graceful, definitely add this activity onto your list.

The Gorilla Falls exploration trail is a fantastic time, immersing you in a tropical forest experience featuring many animals such as hippos, meerkats, zebras and of course the main attraction - the Gorillas.

5. Expedition Everest - legend of the forbidden mountain

The best part of this rollercoaster was definitely the queue. The amount of detail included and history of Mt Everest and its explorers were fascinating. Transitioning into the history or the legend of the Yeti…

The theming was spot on and you really felt as though you were in Nepal preparing to ascend the mountain. If you don't enjoy roller coasters I would highly recommend seeing if you can just queue up and exit before getting on the ride so you have the opportunity to experience this.

6. Yak and Yeti Restaurant

A variety of Asian style dishes are here to enjoy and Southeast Asian decor. This was one of my favourite places I ate at Disney, the food and the atmosphere was great.

When my family and I went, we ate dinner at Yak and Yeti then headed over to Pandora to ride Flight of Passage in the quieter hours and to see it lit up at night.