Cardiff: Roath Park


6/1/20232 min read

This Grade 1 listed historic park contains a 30 acre man-made lake which opened in 1894 and is stunning all year round but specifically in summer, hosting a wide range of different animal species. Roath lake is one of Cardiff’s Green Flag parks awarded for connecting people with the best parks and green spaces.

Roath Park is a great place to enjoy a walk or other activities such as fishing and boating. Enjoy views of the Scott Memorial Lighthouse which is even prettier in the evening as it begins to light up upon sunset. Grab an ice cream at the various stalls surrounding the lake or relax at Terra Nova cafe serving several types of food and drink.

The conservatory and botanic garden are lovely places to unwind at, including a playground for all to enjoy the outside and nature that is on offer. Other activities such as bowling and tennis at Roath Pleasure Gardens can also be enjoyed, and football and rugby at Roath recreational Grounds.

A wildlife explorer trail is also available for children to enjoy with a leaflet to download and take part in here.

An array of animal species will welcome you on your trips to Roath Park such as this Canada Goose pictured above - some very hungry (or greedy)! You can purchase bird feed at the conservatory if you wish feed them, however only make sure to feed the animals with this and not your own food such as bread which can be harmful to the animals :)

Other species included - but definitely not limited to - Greylag and Canada Goose, Mallard and Tufted ducks (the tufted ducks are one of my favourite birds here with its cute hairlike features and diving technique to acquire food which is very entertaining to watch)

Coots, Moorhens, Terrapins, Cormorants, Eurasian Teal ducks (another one of my favourite birds), Pike, many many Mute Swans and some Herons which can be seen in the picture above, all reside here at Roath Park making a great day out for any nature lover.