5 ways to have the best weekend at the Silverstone Grand Prix

How to get the most out of your general admission weekend ticket


5/17/20234 min read

Silverstone is a great weekend with lots of fun activities to enjoy for any Formula 1 fan but it can be very expensive! Here's some tips and tricks of how my dad and I got the most out of the cheapest weekend tickets available with a few added extras - a lot of early mornings but trust me it's worth it :)

2. Get there slightly early on the Friday

As general entry tickets only allow grandstand seating on the Friday, getting there early is a great way to enjoy some excellent views of this days events and get some great seats to have the chance to experience some of the most expensive areas of the track to sit at such as the grandstands at the famous Hamilton Straight even if its just for a day. So grab a coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy the day...

4. Decide where you will sit on race day before race day

To make the most of the general ticket entry, spend time to walk around the track to decide where your favourite spot to sit is, once you choose where this is, you can head there straight away on race day. This will give you the best chance for the best views as some spots will get very crowded quickly. My advice is to avoid the areas that are the most busy in the days leading up to the race and head to the spots on the track that have seemed to be quieter as these will most likley have the best view point opportunities on race day.

1. Pick accomodation close to the track

As general entry means ealry mornings, you'll thank yourself for choosing accomodation near the track. There are multiple campsites nearby such as Silvertsone's offical campsite, or where I stayed, Dadford Road Campsite. A little bit further of a walk to the track but not by much, spacious pitches, accessible washrooms, food van and a good price I would highly recommend looking into this accomodation.

5. Get up very early on race day

3. Get a map and make the most of all the activities

Silverstone is a very big track so make sure to get a map! Have a walk around, and get your bearings and make the most of all the activities available. From live music, driver speeches, the fanzone and many car focussed events you definitely won't get bored - on the map there shoud be a list of events and timings so you can make sure you don't miss a thing (if not on a map make sure you find this brochure)

Today is the main event! Be prepared to get up very early if you want a good view of the track, there were already lengthy queues forming around 6:30am, so as early as you can get there the better (some people even camped over night to be first in line...). With your spot already picked out the day before, head there straight away and set down your deck chairs to claim your place - from picking where we were sitting the day before, when I went with my dad we had an amazing spot right at the front as close as we could be to the cars. A tiring morning but a fantastic experience and memory to hold.

Added extras for an even better time:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for last minuite add on offers:

    My dad and I were lucky to snatch up silverstone museum passes that also included a pit lane walk experience for £29 each! We saw the cars in the garages, the mechanics at work and even a few of the drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz. Make sure you're subscribed to emails from Silverstone events so you don't miss out on possible oportunities like this!

  • Visit the Silverstone museum:

    Packed full of history, facts, cars, suits, helmets, trophies and more. Any F1 fan is sure to love this experience.

  • Inner track access:

    We had inner track access on the Friday which was a great experience. All inner track grandstands were avilable to sit in (except for the main paddock). We were able to experience a luxury grandstand with excellent views of the pit lane exit. It might be a good idea to try and plan to get the inner track access for a day when general admission tickets are not allowed to sit in grandstands on the outer track. Therefore if you buy inner track access for one of these days, you have one extra day of grandstand seating available to you.